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Dear Fr. Thomas and the members of the I.C.C,


Loving greetings from Fr. Sharat Saju IMS, Rosenberg, Germany.


I am happy to send you Photos of the “Tsunami Housing Project” in Alapuzha, Kerala, under the supervision of IMS fathers, namely, Fr. Sachit I.M.S.  Though there had been initial difficulties especially from the part of Government; in allotment of the piece of land and the permission to build the houses… etc, did the tireless and strenuous effort of Fr. Sachit bear fruit.  We, the members of Indian Catholic Community in Vienna with the help of our Austrian friends, have a reason to rejoice in the Lord, for His manifold blessings showered upon the poor and the needy, in and through us.


I, in the name of IMS team, thank each and everyone for the wholehearted support and interest in materializing this great task.  It is impossible for me to thank each one of you individually, hence, please, accept it as a mark of personal thanks and gratitude to each one of you.


As per the information from Alapuzha, IMS House, they received about 14 lacs Rupees.  Under the personal supervision of Fr. Sachit IMS, built 8 houses and each house amounts to an expense of 2 lacs Rupees.  The house with two rooms, a living room and the Kitchen has a guarantee for 5 years.  Waterproof materials are used in its construction.  Each family, through their own manual labour, made the local contribution.


The contribution from Vienna as given below:


1. Indian Catholic Community                              : € 9000.00

2. Friends of Changanassery                                : € 1000.00

3. Through Mr. Joseph Palathunkal                      : € 2508.00

4. Surya Chapter- Vienna, through Mr. Benjamin : € 1811.00

5. Students of Vienna International School- through

    Miss. Sharon Thampi and group:                        €   170.00

6. Hanushkrankenhaus through Dr. Fridolin           € 10407.00


                                                Total amount     € 24,896.00


With sincere thanks and prayers,


Fr. Sharat Saju IMS

92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg

Kirchplatz 4


Tel: 0049 9661 9069800, Mobile: 0049 16098713899



NB.  The honourable ministers did the inauguration and the handing-over of the

House-Keys to the families.  Please see the photos.



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