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Main Events 2022


1. 21st March, Monday at 16.00hrs - Qurbana and Adoration in Mariagrün


2. 24th March, Thursday at 19.15hrs – Parish Committee Meeting, Maria Lourdes.


3. 25th March, 1st, 8th April, Fridays – Qurbana & Way of the Cross with Adoration at 19.15 hrs in Maria Lourdes.


4. 3rd April, Sunday: SMC Youth Meet (from 10 years of age), from 14.00hrs to 18.00hrs, in Maria Lourdes.


5. 10th April, Palm Sunday: Qurbana with Palm blessing at 11.30hrs in Maria Lourdes; ,, ,, at 16.00hrs in Saikogasse 8.


6. 14th April, Maundy Thursday: at 15.00hrs: Common Liturgy of the SMC Parish, in Maria Lourdes; No Malayalam Qurbana in Saikogasse 8


7. 15th April, Good Friday: Liturgy at 9.30 hrs in Maria Lourdes; ,, at 9.00hrs in Saikogasse 8


8. 16th April, Holy Saturday: Liturgy at 8.00hrs both in Maria Lourdes & Saikogasse 8


9. 17th April, Easter Sunday: Solemn Easter Ceremony at 11.30hrs in Maria Lourdes ,, ,, ,, at 16.00hrs in Saikogasse 8.


10. 29th May, Sunday: SMC First Communion at 11.30hrs in Maria Lourdes


11. 5th June, Sunday: SMC Firmung at 11.30 hrs in Maria Lourdes.


12. 12th June, Sunday: SMC Catechism Final Exams at schedule time


13. 16th June, Thursday: Fronleichnamfest: Liturgy with the Parish of Maria Lourdes.


14. 19th June, Sunday: SMC Catechism Year Closing Day


15. 26th June, Sunday: Gemeinde Festival – SMC Patrozinium, Solemn Liturgy at 16. 00 hrs in Maria Lourdes


Please note. The new Catechism Year begins on 18th September 2022


P. Thomas Thandappilly CST

SMC Chaplain Vienna, 20th March 2022



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