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Elocution, Music & Acting Painting Dance


Kairali Nikethan Youth Festival 2017 Results

Painting Competition held on 22nd April 2017

Prize List


GROUP I Boys          
  Chest no. 11 Albert Nilavoor Chest no. 13 Jonathan Thomas Chest No.16 ZandyTom Alexander
  Chest no. 12 Ebrid Alukkal      
GROUP I Girls          
  Chest no. 18 AngelMary Kolanganny Chest No 19 Hanna Kachappilly Chest No 23 Jocelin Manayil
      Chest No.24 JoeleenSuzanne Antony  
GROUP II Boys          
  Chest No. 32 Justin Srambical Chest No 30 Albin Kizhakkedath Chest No 31 Arun Pallikunnel
      Chest No 34 Shibin Kizhkkedath  
GROUP II Girls          
  Chest No 44 Sherin Cheriankalayil Chest No. 36 Evelin Manayil Chest No.35 AnnMaria Nilavoor
  Chest No. 45 TaniyaTheres Aklukkal Chest No.38 Jeena Srambical Chest no. 39 Kathrin Kunnathooran
GROUP III            
  Chest No. 50 Lino Vetticka Chest No. 47 Jeffin Kudiyirickal Chest No 49 Lewin Vetticka
      Chest No.51 Nina Palatty    
Complementary Prize from Exotic Green: Rince & Rashmi    
Chest No 14   Jothis Kudiyirickal      
Chest No 15   Norbert Nilavoor      
chest no 17   Alphonsa Nilavoor      
Chest no 20   HannaThomas Eyathukalathil    
chest No.27   Rosbel Vattahtara      
Chest No 28   Sona Vettickal      
chest no 41   Liya Thekkumala      
Chest No 42   Navina Palatty      
Chest No 43   Nia Kunnummel      
Mag.art. John Chacko Pallikunnel M.A. Fine MURAL DESIGN  
Chest No. 21 Isabel Nilavoor      
Chest No 25   Kristin Kunnathooran      
Chest No 33   RoshanGeorge Pallikunnel      
Chest No.48   Joel Kudiriyickal    






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