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Mass Intentions / Requiem Services


Our daily Holy Masses especially Saturday Masses except Sundays are offered for special (private) intentions / requiem services.  Those who wish to announce intentions should provide the information to the Chaplain P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly, ICC Chaplain, Tel: 817 42 06, Mobile: 0699 11966771, email: thandappilly@aon.at (Meidling).  You may book your desired dates in advance for convenience.  As per the Diocesan directive, Holy Mass will not be celebrated at homes for any reason.  A maximum number of three masses can be booked in advance per family at a time.


Attention !!!

For Mass in Stadlau church please contact P. Wilson Mecheril, ICC Asst. Chaplain, Tel. 0676 53 23 704, Email: wilsonmcbs@live.com


Mass at Maria Lourdes Chapel,  Meidling: Tue, Fri, Sat at 8:00 hrs.

Mass at Maria Hilfe der Christen, Stadlau: Saturday at 8:00 hrs.


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