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Mor  Ivanios Malankara Mission

Rev. P. Thomas Prasobh OIC (Spiritual Animator)

Breitenfeld, Florianigasse70, 1080 Wien

Tel :405149530, Mobile: 06506623438 

Events 2013


Malayalam Mass on Sundays Sundays of the Year  


Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 Wien
catechism for Children 6 Years/above Sundays  14:15  
Prayer Meeting Every last    
  Saturdays 17:00  
Denho (Baptism of our Lord) 06 January 15:00 No Mass
1st Sunday after Denho 13 January 15:00  
2nd Sunday after Denho 20 January 15:00  
3 Days Lent Begins 21 January    
End of the 3 days Lent 24 January    
Committee Meeting 26 January 15:00 Parish Hall
Mlankara Catholic Youth Movment      
(MCYM ) Committee Meeting 26 January 15:00 Parish Hall
Kohne Sunday (Comm.Of The  27 January 15:00  
Departed Priests)      
Catechism committee Meeting 27 January 17:00-18:00 Parish Hall
Aneede Sunday (comm.Of The 03 February 15:00  
Departed Faithful)      
Catholicos Day      
Kothine Sunday (Miracle of  10 February 15:00  
Changing Water into Wine).       
The Season of Great Fast      
1 Sunday of Great Fast Special      
prayers of the Lent.      
Shubkono Service with Holy Mass      
Estabishment of the Throne Of The      
Syro-Malankara Catholic       
Major Archiepiscopate      
Syro-Malankara Catholic Children's       
League Dinam      
Garbo Sunday (Curing the Leper) 17 February 15:00 No Mass
2nd Sunday of the Great Fast      
M´sario Sunday (Curing the Paralytic)      
3rd Sunday of the Great Fast 24 February 15:00  
B´day Celebration of Pfarrer Zvonko 03 March 13:00 Parish Hall
Youth liturgy      
Very.Rev. Fr. Mathai Kadavil OIC       
MCYM Study Class 03 March 14-16 hrs Parish Hall
Cnanoito Sunday (Curing the daughter   16:00  
of Cananite Woman) 4th Sunday of  03 March    
the Great Fast      
(Crippled Woman) 5th Sunday of the  10 March    
Great Fast      
Samio Sunday (Curing the Blind) 17 March 15:00  
6th Sunday of the Great Fast      
Palm Sunday (Social Welfare Day) 24 March 15:00  
Feast Of Annunciation to the  25 March 09:00 Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 wien
Bl. Virgin Mary      
Maundy Thursday 28 March 9:00 AM Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 Wien
Good Friday 29 March 09:00 Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 Wien
Holy Saturday 30 March 09:00 Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 Wien
Easter Liturgy 30 March   17:30 Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 Wien
Season Of Qyomto 31 March    
Easter Sunday 31 March 15:00 Maria Lourdes Meidling
MCYM Meeting 01.Apr 09:00 Parish Hall
New Sunday /Seminary Day 07.Apr 15:00  
Mor Ivanios Malankara Unit    16:00 Parish Hall
Marital couples Thanks giving Mass 14.Apr 11:30 Maria Lourdes Meidling
2nd Sunday after Qyomto 14.Apr 15:00 No Mass
3rd Sunday after Qyomto 21.Apr 15:00  
4th Sunday after Qyomto 28.Apr 15:00  
Liturgy für Maturanten      
Comm.Of Bishop Isaac Mar Yoohanon      
5th Sunday after Qyomto 05 May 15:00 No Mass
Syro-Malankara Laity Day      
Holy Mass & Birthday Celebration 05 May 17:30 Stadlau church
of Rev.P.Thomas Thandapilly      
Thursday 09 May 15:00 Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 Wien
Ascension of our Lord      
6th Sunday after Qyomto 12 May 15:00  
The Season of Pentecost 19 May    
The great Sunday of Pentecost 19 May 15:00  
Service of the Invocation of Holy Spirit      
MCYM Gathering with Youth  24 May 12:00-22:00 Parish Hall
From Tamil Nadu      
1st Sunday after Pentecost 26 May 15:00  
2nd Sunday after Pentecost 02 June    15:00  
Catechism committee Meeting 02 June    17:00 Parish Hall
Committee Meeting 08 June 17:00 Parish Hall
3rd Sunday after Pentecost 09 June 15:00  
Catechism Exam 16 June 14:00  
4th Sunday after Pentecost (Birth 16 June 15:00  
Of John The Baptist)      
13 Days ApostelNombu Begins      
MCYM one day outing & Grill party  22 June 10:00 Place will be announced later
5th Sunday after Pentecost 23 June 15:00 Maria Lourdes Meidling
Feast ot St.Thomas & St.Alphonsa      
Feast of Sts. Peter& Paul      
13 Days (Apostels) Nombu Ends 29 June    
6th Sunday after Pentecost 30 June 15:00 No Mass
The 12 Apostles      
 Dukhorono St.Thomas Day 03 July 15:00 No Mass
7th Sunday after Pentecost (Family 07 july 15:00 No Mass
8th Sunday after Pentecost 14 July 15:00 No Mass
Mar Ivanios Day 15 July 15:00 No Mass
9th Sunday after Pentecost 21 July  15:00 No Mass
10th Sunday after Pentecost  28 July 15:00 No Mass
(Saint Alphonsa) 28 July    
15 Days Of Lent 01 -15 August    
11th Sunday after Pentecost 04.Aug 15:00  
Syro-Malankara catholic Sunday      
School Day      
The Season of Transfiguration 06.Aug    
Transfiguration 06.Aug    
1st Sunday after Transfiguration 11.Aug 15:00  
Feast of Sunoyo (15 days Lent ends) 15.Aug    
Assumption of Mary, Mother of God      
MCYM Charity Home Visit (Hilfsaktion) 17.Aug    
2nd Sunday after Transfiguration 18.Aug 15:00 No Mass
Social Justice Sunday      
  18.Aug 16:00 Maria Guging
3rd Sunday after transfiguration 25.Aug 15:00  
Committee Meeting 24.Aug 14:00 Parish Hall
4th Sunday after Transfiguration 01.Sep 15:00  
( 8 Nombu begins)      
5th Sunday after Transfiguration 08.Sep 14:00  
Nativity of Mary, Mother of God.      
( 8 days Nombu ends)      
Season Of Sleebo 13.Sep    
Sleeba Perunnal 14.Sep    
MCYM Liturgy Practice 15.Sep   Parish Hall
1st Sunday after Sleebo  15.Sep 15:00  
Catechism classes begins 15.Sep 14:15  
 Re-Union Day 20.Sep    
2nd Sunday after sleebo 22.Sep 15:00  
MCYM Day 29.Sep 12:00 Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 wien
3rd Sunday after Sleebo 29.Sep   Holy Mass starts at 12:00hrs
4th Sunday after sleebo 06  October 15:00  
St.Francis Assisi      
5th Sunday after sleebo 13 October 15:00  
MCYM Liturgy Practice 13 October 17:00 Parish Hall
6th Sunday after sleebo 20 October 15:00  
(Mission Sunday)       
7th Sunday after Sleebo 27October 15:00  
Season Of Advent      
Qudos Eetho Sunday 03.Nov 15:00  
(Sanctification of the Church)      
Beginning of the Liturgical Year      
Committee Meeting 09.Nov 17:00 Parish Hall
Hudos Eetho(Renewal of the Church) 10.Nov 15:00  
MCYM Liturgy Practice 16.Nov 17:00 Parish Hall
Message to Zachariah 17.Nov 15:00  
Social Communication Media day      
Annunciation to Mary Mother Of 24.Nov 15:00  
MCYM Committee Meeting 30.Nov 17:00 Parish Hall
Visitation of Mother of God to      
Elizabeth (25 Nombu Begins) 01 December 15:00  
Bible Sunday      
Birth of John the Baptist 08 December 15:00 No Mass
Ecumenical Carol   15:00 Maria Lourdes Meidling
Apparition of the Angel to St.Joseph 15 December 15:00  
MCYM Christmas Carol 21December 10:00-20:00  
Sunday before Yaldo 22 December 15:00  
The Season of Yaldo-Denho 23 December    
Yaldo (Christmas Liturgy) 24 December 19:30 Breitenfeld,Florianigasse70,1080 Wien
Christmas Liturgy 24 December 15:00 Maria Lourdes Meidling
1st Sunday after Yaldo 29 December 15:00  
Thanks giving Mass      





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