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ICC Seniors Forum (ICCSF)


Seniors Forum inaugurated on 07-01-2012


It is a sub group of Indian Catholic Community and mainly aimed for the guidance offering to our senior members to have gatherings, health related activities, knowledge transfer and make the feeling as we are together .

Fr. Joy Plathottathil officially inaugurated the  Seniors forum together with the Parish Committee members on 7th of January 2012. He explained the need for a forum to set up in our community that no one should have the feeling of loneliness, to be active in the community and be healthy.

The coordinator of Seniors forum Mr. Paul Maliekal made an awareness presentation  ,  to explain the aims, plans and activities of this forum.  



A w a r e n e s s 


  The Community need you and give up the feeling -> worthless      

  Your are not alone, live in the community

  Your Experience is a contribution greater than anything else

  You are not very OLD, but old enough

  Real life start at 50 after struggling for 50 years

  Your Health, family and spouse are very important

  Update your knowledge

  Change your image redefine yourself

  Explore your dreams


Our  aims  &  P l a n s 

Body + Mind+ Spirit

Yoga - Pranayama

Nordic Walking  

A e r o b i c


H i k i n g


Knowledge Update


Register  your  names


ICC Registered Members

1 -50 + years old 

2 - Husband & Wife 50 + or  50

3 -and All interested persons

4 - Early pensioners


Think of your health

Get away from loneliness

Refresh your mind and body

Force yourself to achieve the goal

This is our aim


ICCSF Coordinator: Mr. Paul Maliekal, Tel: 0699 1 258 9980

Chaplain: P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly CST,  Asst. Chaplain: P. Joy Plathottathil SVD



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