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MCC Registered Families >>


Kindly note, members who need any ecclesial document from our Parish must be registered minimum 30 days prior to the time of applying.  This is strictly applicable to each and every members of our Parish and no exceptions are allowed.



Please note :

The filled up Form must be given personally to any of the following persons: (in Meidling:) Mr. Jose Olimalayil; (in Saikogasse:) Mr. Steephen Chevookaran. A contribution of Euro 30,- is expected to give per family.

click here to download family registration form in PDF format Click here to download family registration form in PDF format.
To use this PDF form, you need Acrobat Reader.click here to download Acrobat Reader Click here to download Acrobat Reader free.

In the form, you will be able to fill the deatils electronically. After filling the details, you must print it out and hand over the signed form personally to one of the assigned persons.




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