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Election Results:

Total Votes Polled: 359

Valid Votes: 357

Invalid: 2

(in the order of maximum votes received)


Mullankuzhi Joshi Abraham


Alany Daisy


Maliyampurackal Jincy


Vellukunnel Roy Jacob


Ayiramala Philomina


Kanjirathumoottil Boby





List of Candidates

for the SMC Pastoral Church Council Election 2022


The following nominations are accepted for the SMC Pastor Council Election to be held on 20th March 2022. The candidates will be formally introduced to the community on 27th Feb. 2022 at Meidling and Saikogasse after our regular Holy Mass.


In the alphabetical order of family name.



Abraham (Adackamuckil) Mathew




Alany Daisy




Ayiramala Philomina




Kanjirathumoottil Boby




Maliyampurackal Jincy




Mullankuzhi Joshi Abraham




Vellukunnel Roy Jacob



Election Announcement (Wahlkundmachung) >>



Nomination Paper

Please submit all your nominations by 06.02.2022 to the election commission personally. One person can nominate a maximum of 6 candidates. Please refer to "Amtsblatt des Ordinariates für die Gläubigen der katholischen Ostkirchen in Österreich" §2 paragraph (3) and (4) of "Wahlordnung des Pastoralkirchenrats" for further information on candidate eligibility.


Download nomination paper >>  (Deadline: 6th February 2022)


Voters List Registraion

All Syro Malabar members in the Vienna Archdiocese have the right to vote regardless of their SMC Vienna registration.  However, non-registered SMC members are required to submit the voters registration form.  Registered SMC members do not need to submit a form.  Parents are voting for their children under 16 years.


Download voters list registration  >>   (Deadline: 13th March 2022)


The Syro Malabar Community (SMC) registration was officially started in March 2019. All earlier registrations before this date with Indian Catholic Community (ICC) and/or Malayalee Catholic Community (MCC) are not valid.


Postal Vote Application

For the SMC Pastoral Church Council Election 2022 voting via post is possible.  To request a postal ballot please fill out and submit the following form by 13th February 2022. We will then send you the ballot paper and instructions via post.  Please note your return ballot should reach us by one day before the polling day till 14:00 hrs. i.e. 19th March 2022, 14:00 hrs.


Download Postal Vote Application >>   (Deadline: 13th February 2022)



SMC Pastoral Church Council Election 2022

SMC pastoral Church Council Election will take place on 20th March 2022. The detailed time schedule and Election notification (German version) are available here.  For the 2022 Pastoral Church Council 6 members will be elected.

  Time Schedule>>  |  Election Notification >>


The Election will be conducted by the newly constituted Election Commission, which includes the following members:


1). Rev. P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly (SMC Chaplain), Tel: 0699 119 66 771

2). Mr. Steephen Chevookaran (President of EC), Tel: 0699 102 45 335

3). Mr. Fijo Kuruthukulangara, Tel: 0650 345 11 03

4). Ms. Greshma Pallikunnel, Tel: 0699 197 444 22

5). Mr. Poulose Vetticka, Tel: 0699 119 31 837

6). Mr. Sebastian Thevalakara, Tel: 0699 145 95 713





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