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Group- Seniors A-Type (20 yrs. and above)

ICC Mothers Forum - I PRIZE

St. Mary's Syrian Melodies  - II PRIZE

St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Congregation - III PRIZE


Group Youth A-Type (15 to 20 yrs.)

St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Congregation - Consolation Prize


Group Juniors A-Type (10 to 15 Yrs.)

Gabriel Voice - I PRIZE

Kinder Choir Stadlau - II PRIZE

St. Mary's Sunday School - III PRIZE


Group Youth B-Type (15 to 20 yrs.)

St. Mary's Syrian Youth - Consolation Prize


Participated groups/communities:

A-Type (without accompaniment):

Juniors (10 to 15 years):

1.       St Mary's Sunday school 

2.      Gabriel Voice

3.      Little Voices

4.      Kinder Choir Stadlau


Youth (15 to 20 years)

St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Congregation Youth


Seniors (20 years and above):

1.  ICC Mothers Forum

2.  St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Congregation

3.  St Mary's Syrian Voice

4.  St Mary's Syrian Melodies

5.  Voice of Siebenhirten


B-Type (with accompaniment):

Youth (15 to 20 years)

1.       St Mary's Syrian youth


C-Type (Non-Competition):

Up to 10 years:

1.       St Mary Sunday school Kids

2.      Infant Jesus Group

3.      Grace Voice


Seniors (20 years and above):

1.       Guardian Angels



Photo Credits: Mr. Monichan Kalapurackal

ICC Mothers Forum


St. Mary's Syrian Melodies


St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Congregation


Gabriel Voice


Kinder Choir Stadlau


St. Mary's Sunday School


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