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SMC News and Events

Important Message!

Dear Members of the Syro Malabar Community,

It is a great joy to inform you that we have a new website address: https://smcvienna.org , which will be used for all official communication of the Syro Malabar community,Vienna, in the future. Special thanks to all the efforts of our SMC webmaster, Mr Jens Cherukad. 

So hereafter, you will be able to access all information about our pastoral and cultural programmes, as well as Photos and videos of our conducted programmes, through this new web address.

Thank you very much!

Joshi Abraham Mullankuzhi

Pastoral Convenor/Kaikaran, SMC Vienna.

Medjugorge Pilgrimage 2022

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Ruby jubilee invitation 2022
Ruby jubilee prayer 2022

I would like to share the following matters to those who are going to Medjugorje Pilgrimage on Oct 7th Friday 2022:

  1. Our two buses are going for the Pilgrimage. First bus starts from in Front of Maria Lourdes Church (Haschkagasse bus stop)and 2nd bus starts from Saiko Gasse-8. Both buses will start at 7.00 am. All pilgrims should reach 6.30 am at the starting points where from your bus starts.
  2. For the identity verification, Austrian nationals take their Austrian passport and Indian Passport holders take their Indian passport and Austrian /European visa.
  3. PCR negative certificate may be required at the Emigration/ Boarder checking offices. So kindly conduct PCR test before the journey and the negative report should be brought.
  4. Pilgrims can bring their breakfast / lunch, water/saft with them for Friday or can buy from the Restaurants at the Rest Stations.
  5. Please take care to bring the following things:- Your daily prayer books, Kurizintevazhi, walking stick( those who are using), sports or wander shoe, Umbrella, raincoat, Jackets, medicines for vomiting and headache (those who are needed) etc.
  6. Those who are taking medicines regularly, don’t forget to bring.
  7. We will be reaching back the buses departed places on Oct 9th Sunday at 11.30 pm.
  8. Other information of our pligrimage will be updated in time on our Journey.
  9. If any more information required, please contact Me or Roy Vellukunnel.

With Wishing a nice pilgrimage,
Joshi Mullankuzhi
SMC Convenor/Kaikaran

Kairalinikethan School Anniversary 2022

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This is to inform you all about the sad demise of Dr. Jose Kizhakkekara who died in Vienna today evening (06.07.2022) at 06.50 PM after a short illness at Clinic Landstraße (Hospital Rudolfstiftung). He was 74, survived by his wife Theresa, children Tejo Francis, Dr. Sajo Antony and Tessy Kurian.

Funeral on 16th July 2022, 12:00 hrs. at Inzersdorf Cemetery The Funeral Ceremony of Dr. Jose Kizhakkekara will take place on Saturday 16th July 2022 at 12:00 hrs. at Inzersdorf Cemetery, Kolbegasse 34, 1230 Vienna

Saturday, 16 July 2022 Holy Mass at 9:00 hrs. at Pfarre Salvator am Wienerfeld, Wienerfeldgasse 11, 1100 Vienna

11:00 hrs. paying homage and body viewing at Inzersdorf Cemetery

Funeral service begins at 12:00 hrs.

Kindly follow the Covid-19 Protocols

Let us pray for the departed soul and convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family

Feast of 26th June 2022

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Marriage Preparation Course in August


Monday 22nd August 2022

Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Wednesday 24th August 2022


Time: Course begins on Monday afternoon and ends on Wednesday at 12 noon.


Address : Pfarre Maria Lourdes, Tivoligasse 20, A-1120 Wien. Austria


Kindly transfer this Info to the Catholic Malayalee Youth, especially who were born in Europe . The Course is in Malayalam, German and English.

Hearty Welcome.


P. Thomas Thandappilly CST, Chaplain Syro Malabar Community Vienna

  Syllabus for Marriage Preparation Course >>


Congratulations to our 3 communion candidates who received Jesus for the first time in the most Holy Eucharist

  slide show >>  |  picture gallery >>


Knanaya Kids Get-together held on 26.05.2022


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Happy Birthday to our beloved Chaplain Rev. P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly, Vienna, 08.05.2022

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SMC Pastoral, Financial & Service Team >>

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Holy Week Schedule:

Holy Week



Palm Sunday
1 0th April 2022

11:30 hrs - Meidling

16:00 hrs - Saikogasse

Maundy Thursday
14th April 2022

15:00 hrs - Meidling

No service at Saikogasse

Good Friday
April 2022

09:30 hrs - Meidling

09:00 hrs - Saikogasse

Holy Saturday
16th April 2022

08:00 hrs - Meidling

08:00 hrs - Saikogasse

Easter Liturgy
April 2022

11:30 hrs - Meidling

16:00 hrs - Saikogasse

Election Results:

Total Votes Polled: 359

Valid Votes: 357

Invalid: 2

(in the order of maximum votes received)


Mullankuzhi Joshi Abraham


Alany Daisy


Maliyampurackal Jincy


Vellukunnel Roy Jacob


Ayiramala Philomina


Kanjirathumoottil Boby


SMC Pastoral Church Council



Polling Date: 20 March 2022


Polling Time:

Meidling 10:30 hrs - 11:15 hrs & 12:45 hrs - 13:45 hrs

S aikogasse 16:00 hrs-16:45 hrs & 18:15 hrs-20:00 hrs

Counting of Votes:

20 March 2022 begins at 20:30 hrs at Saikogasse

Declaration of Results:

after the completion of the counting, to be also

published in the SMC Website


All Syro Malabar members of the following categories are most welcome to cast their vote on the election polling day 20th March 2022.


  • previously registered in Indian Catholic community (ICC)

  • previously registered in Malayalee Catholic Community (MCC)

  • presently registered in Syro Malabar Communinty (SMC)

  • registered by voters list registration


Vote for maximum 6 candidates.  It can be less than 6, but not more than 6.  Otherwise the ballot will be invalid.


The funeral ceremony of Mr. Jim George Kuzhiyil (Mar Ivanios Syro Malankara Catholic Church) who died in Vienna on 23.02.2022 will take place on

Tuesday 1st March 2022 at 09:30 AM at Friedhof Deuscth Wagram (Friedhofstraße 14, 2232 Deutsch Wagram)


Syro Malabar Community (SMC) Vienna extends our deepest condolences to Kuzhiyil family.


Jim was an integral part of our community and a parish committee member of Indian Catholic Community (2008-2011) before the installation of Syro Malabar Community in Vienna.


Birthday of our Asst. Chaplain on 23rd Feb.

On the occasion of the Birthday of our Asst. Chaplain Rev. P. Wilson Mecheril MCBS, thanksgiving masses are arranged on Sunday 27th February 2022 at both centres.


Meidling Church at 11:30 hrs. & Saikogasee Church at 17:00 hrs.


On behalf of Syro Malabar Community we extend our birthday wishes to our beloved Asst. Chaplain.


Your personal greetings can be send via email:



Continue >>

English version >>


MCC releases Parish Bulletin on the last Sunday of every month

The first bulletin was released yesterday (28.05.2006) providing informations about ICC programmes and events for the month of June.  Apart from our website we take effort to reach each and every member of our community to get informed our programmes and activites.
  bulletin (pdf) >>


Eliah Sleeva Moosakalam



Vertical Scroll


SMC Special Bulletin

A historical perspective


Syro Malabar Community Vienna offers Marriage Preparation Course for three days in the last weeks of February and November every year. Besides, this Course can be done also in July and August on personal request of at least two candidates who live outside Austria. That must be arranged personally with the Chaplain of the Indian Catholic Community, P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly CST, Tel. Nr. 0043 1 817 42 06 or Mobile 0043 6991 19 66 771. The course is approved by the Syro Malabar Church and thereby acceptable for Catholic Sacramental Marriages in other Rites. Course Fee is Euro 50,- Accommodation must be arranged personally with any trustworthy Malayalee Catholic Family in Vienna or in Hotels.

Hearty Welcome

SMC Chaplain Vienna


Syro Malabar German Mass in 2021





  Part 1 >>  |  Part 2 >>



On the occasion of the Prayer Year, all Registered Families of the ICC are welcome to arrange a Priestly Prayer of Blessing of their homes.

Those who wish to do so, may kindly contact the ICC Chaplain, who will be available from Monday to Friday, between 9 AM and 6 PM. Contact Number: 01 817 42 06. Or Mobile 06991 19 66 771




Sunday 20th June 2021


Sunday 12th December 2021



Our daily Holy Masses especially Saturday Masses except Sundays are offered for special (private) intentions / requiem services.


Check the availability of your desired dates for advance booking


Family registrations will be accepted without time limit for those who haven't registered with ICC before 31st. Jan. 2006.  Kindly note, members who need any ecclesial document from our Parish must be registered minimum 30 days prior to the time of applying.   This is strictly applicable to each and every members of our Parish and no exceptions are allowed.

Download Registration Form >>


Would you like to be informed ICC events and activities via email ?


Click here to register your email id


Interested children between the age group of 9 and 14 may join for the altar service.  The parents are requested to enter the children's name in the list which will be given in the beginning of the year.



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