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MCC News & Events

Funeral on 26th May, 15:00 hrs. at Aspern Cemetery

The Funeral Ceremony of Mr. Fybin Puthenpurayil who died in Vienna on 13.05.2017 will take place on Friday 26th May 2017 at 15:00 hrs, at Aspern Cemetery, Langobardenstraße 180, 1220 Vienna followed by a requiem Mass at Aspern St. Martin's Church, Asperner Heldenplatz 9, 1220 Vienna


Main Celebrant: Bishop Mar Stephen Chirappanath


Public Transport: 25, 86A, 87A, 95A, 96A


   map cut-out >>


Apostolic Visitation of Bishop Mar Stephen Chirappnath on 28th May 2017

Most Rev. Mar Stephen Chirappanath, Apostolic Visitator of Syro Malabar faithful in Europe will be visiting our parish on Sunday the 28th May 2017. The Bishop will give the sacrament of First Communion and Confirmation to MCC children on the occasion. 

  • 14:30 hrs Reception of the Bishop

  • 15:00 hrs Solemn Liturgy, First Communion & Confirmation

  • MCC Youth Forum inauguration by the Bishop

Mr. Boban Kalapurackal elected as MCC General Convener

The first sitting of new Parish Committee held on 19.05.2017 has elected Mr. Boban Kalapurackal as General Convener.  The new committee will take over on 3rd July 2017

Parish Committee (PGR) 2017 - 2021

1. P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly CST, Chaplain

2. P. Joy Plathottathil SVD, Asst. Chaplain

3. Boban Kalapurackal, General Convener, Catechism

4. George Vadakumcheril, Secretary

5. Cherian Maliyampurackal, Liturgy

6. Cini Pazhedath-Parambil, Finance

7. Jomy Srambical, Family care till 40 years,   Kairali Nikethan School

8. Sija Pothen, Family Care till 40 years

9. Babu Kudiyirickal, Family Care above 40 years

10. Regimol Ernakeril, Family Care above 40 years

11. Denny Kunnathooran, Fathers Forum

12. Sherly Karakattu, Mothers Forum

13. Fijo Kuruthukulangara, Youth Forum, Alter Boys & Girls Care

14. Greshma Pallikunnel, Youth Forum

15. Tilcy Padinjarakalayil, Youth Forum

16. Joyce Joseph Ernakeril, Altar Boys and Girls Care

Mr. Fybin Puthenpurayil passed away in an accident

Mr. Fybin Puthenpurayil son of Mr. Felix and Martina Puthenpurayil died yesterday night (13.05.2017) in Vienna in a tragic road accident. He was 28 survived by his parents Felix, Martina and brother Flemming.  More details to be followed

  • Let us pray for the departed soul and convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family

  • There will be a requiem mass for Mr. Fybin Puthenpurayil on Tuesday 16th May 2017, 7:30 pm at Stadlau Church

Kairali Nikethan Youth Festival Results (Dance. competitions) >>

  slide show >>  |  picture gallery >>

Nominated members of MCC Parish Committee 2017-2021

Mr.Boban Kalapurackal from Catechism teachers and Mr. Jomy Srambical from Kairali Nikethan School PTA have been nominated to the MCC Parish Committee







Appointed members of MCC Parish Committee 2017-2021

Mr. Cherian Maliyampurackal, Ms. Joyce Ernakeril and Ms. Tilcy Padinjarakalayil have been appointed to the MCC Parish Committee by the Chaplain Rev. P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly



Joice Joseph




Kairali Nikethan Youth Festival Results - Painting Competition

Birthday of our Chaplain on 14th May

MCC celebrates the birthday of our Chaplain Rev. Dr. P. Thomas Thandappilly on Sunday 14th May 2017 at Meidling..  A special Thanksgiving Mass will be held at Meidling church at 11:30 hrs.


On behalf of Indian Catholic Community we extend  our birthday wishes to our beloved Chaplain.  On this auspicious occasion let us pray Almighty God to give him the full strength, courage and health to lead our community further


Your personal greetings can be send via email: thandappilly@aon.at

Kairali Nikethan Youth Festival on Saturday 6th May 2017

  • From 13:00 to 20:30 hrs at Veranstaltung Zentrum, Floridsdorf, 1210 Vienna.
  • Chest numbers will be given from 12:00 hrs onwards.
  • The competitions will be held in the following order:
    • Bharatha Natyam - Single I
    • Bharatha Natyam - Single II
    • Bharatha Natyam - Group I
    • Bharatha Natyam - Group II
    • Nadoodi Nrutham - Single I
    • Cinematic Dance - Single I
    • Cinematic Dance - Single II
    • Cinematic Dance - Group I
    • Cinematic Dance - Group II
    • Christian Dance - Group I
    • Christian Dance - Group II
    • Declaration of winners and prize distribution
    • National Anthem
  • Parents, please come forward and encourage the talents of our children

Mrs. Mariamma Abraham Plathottathil passed away

Mrs. Mariamma Abraham Plathottathil (86), mother of our Asst. Chaplain Rev. Fr. Joy Plathottathil died today (01.05.2017) after a short period of sickness in Santhigram, Idukki.  Funeral will be held on 3rd May 2017 at 3:00 PM at St. Joseph's Church Santhigram, Idukki.


  • Let us pray for the departed soul and convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family

Election Results:

Total Votes Polled: 361

Valid Votes: 359

Invalid: 2

(in the order of maximum votes received followed by the alphabetical order of first name)


Fijo Kuruthukulangara won by a margin of 124 Votes

Votes received: 306


Babu Kudiyirickal won by a margin of 107 votes

Votes received: 289


Greshma Pallikunnel won by a margin of 107 votes

Votes received: 289


Sherly Karakkattu won by a margin of 98 votes

Votes received: 280


Sija Pothen won by a margin of 94 Votes

Votes received: 276


Regimol Ernakeril won by a margin of 92 votes

Votes received: 274


George Vadakumcheril won by a margin of 90 votes

Votes received: 272


Cini Pazhedath-Parambil won by a margin of 82 votes

Votes received: 264


Denny Kunnathooran won by a margin of 80 votes

Votes received: 262




Polling Date: 30 April 2017

Polling Time:

Meidling 10:30 hrs -11:15 hrs & 12:45 hrs - 14:00 hrs

Stadlau 16:15 hrs -17:15 hrs & 18:45 hrs -

20:15 hrs

Counting of Votes:

30 April 2017 begins at 20:45 hrs at Stadlau

Declaration of Results and Announcement of the number of Votes polled by the Candidates:

after the completion of the Counting, to be also

published in the MCC Website

First Sitting and Election of General convener and Conveners of  ICC task groups: 12 May 2017


All MCC Parishioners are requested to cast their votes as per the above time schedule

Kairali Nikethan Youth Festival Results (Music, Elocution Fancy Dress etc.)

Rev. Fr. Joel Koyikara inaugurates Kairali Nikethan Youth Festival at Stadlau.  Nearby School Director Mr. Joshymon Ernakeril and Committee Members.  Vienna, 17.04.2017

  slide show >>  |  picture gallery >>

  continue >>

Annual Retreat 2017
  slide show >>  |  picture gallery >>

Holy Week Schedule:

Holy Week




Palm Sunday
9th April 2017

15:00 hrs

Maria Lourdes,


Maundy Thursday
13th April 2017

14:00 hrs

 Good Friday
14th April 2017

09:30 hrs

Holy Saturday
15th April 2017

08:00 hrs

Easter Liturgy
16th April 2017

15:00 hrs


Palm Sunday & Maundy Thursday

  • Main Celebrant: Rev. P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly


Good Friday

  • Main Celebrant: Rev. P. Joy Plathottathil


Easter Solemn Mass:

  • Main Celebrant: Rev. P. Joel Koyikkara O.F.M.Conventual
    Message: Rev. P. Wilson MCBS

  holy week readings >>

MCC Annual Parish Retreat 2017

Like every year MCC organizes 4 days Retreat on 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of April 2017

detailed schedule >>  retreat prayer >>

Kairali Nikethan invites registrations for the Youth Festival 2017

Kairali Nikethan School Vienna invites registrations from those who are interested to participate in Youth Festival Competition 2017 which will be held in three phases as per the following schedule

Last date for Registration (Dance Competitions): 16th April 2017

  continue >>

In 2017, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs will once again reward successful and solution-oriented intercultural dialogue projects. Are you ‒ or anyone in your network ‒ involved in a project that promotes intercultural dialogue and fits the criteria? If yes, we would love to hear from you. Send us your application until 12 April 2017! We are seeking initiatives which are active in one or more of these five fields: media/journalism, art/culture, youth, women or global citizenship education.

  Continue >>

MCC Election 2017 declared

The Election to the MCC Parish Commitee 2017 - 2021 will be held on Sunday 30th April 2017.  MCC Chaplain Pater Dr. Thomas Thandappilly formally announced the Election Notification today (19.02.2017) at MCC Parish Church, Meidling after the holy mass.

  Continue >>

Laity Representative Meeting cum Plenary Council on 26th Feb.

MCC calls a Laity Representative Meeting cum Plenary Council on Sunday 26th February  2017 at 18:50 hrs. in Stadlau immediately after the Holy Mass.  The meeting is meant for all interested MCC parishioners together with Laity Representatives (representatives of Prayer Units, Family Units, Communion Distributors, Fathers Forum, Mothers Forum, Women Forum, Young Couples Forum, Youth Forum (MCCYF), Altar Ministry, Catechism Teachers, Choir etc. and MCC Parish Committee

Kairali Nikethan invites registrations for Elocution, Music, Short Story, Acting & Painting Competition 2017

Kairali Nikethan School Vienna invites registrations for the following competitions which will be held on Monday 17th April 2017, 13:00 – 20:00 hrs, at Pfarre Stadlau, 22, Erzherzog-karlstrasse 176

  • Elocution

  • Malayalam Song - Single

  • Malayalam Song - Group

  • Instrumental Music

  • Short Story

  • Fancy Dress

  • Mono act

  • Mimicry

Painting Competition: 22 April 2017, 15.45 – 18:00 hrs, at KHG, Ebendorferstraße 8, 1010 Wien

Last date for registration: 26th Marchl 2017
  Registration Closed

Rev. Fr. Louis Kakkanat TOR (85 yrs.) passed away

Rev. Fr. Louis Kakkanat (85 yrs.) TOR passed away on 5th February 2017 at 14:30 hrs. in Meenangadi, Wayanadu (Dt).  Father Kakkanat had served our Malayalee community in the beginning of 1980's before the Indian Catholic Community was formally created.

Funeral will take place on 6th February 2017 at 15:00 hrs. at Assisi Bhavan,  Meenangadi, Wayanad (Dt)

Patrozinium - Feast of Maria Lourdes on 12th Feb.2017



  • Combined Solemn Liturgy (German) with Meidling parish community in Maria Lourdes Church on Sunday 12th February 2017 at 9:30 AM

  • No Malayalam Mass in Meidling on the 12th Feb.




Visit of Vienna Auxiliary Bishop Most Rev. Mag. Dr. Franz Scharl, Vienna, 08.01.2017

  slide show >> picture gallery >>

  slide show >> picture gallery >>

Canonical Visitation of Most Rev. Mag. Dr. Franz Scharl on 8th January

It's our great pleasure to inform you that Vienna Auxiliary Bishop Most Rev. Mag. Dr. Franz Scharl will be visiting us on Sunday 8th January 2017 in our both centres Meidling & Stadlau. This visit is purposely intended for our youth and catechism students.

  • German Syro Malabar Holy Mass at 11:30 hrs in Maria Loudes, Meidling and 17:30 hrs. in Maria Hilfe der Christen, Stadlau

MCC Election 2017 Directive / Guidelines

Alle Christen nehmen auf ihre Weise teil am Auftrag der Kirche. Die Laien haben „das Recht und die Pflicht, einzeln oder in Gemeinschaft mit anderen, daran zu arbeiten, dass alle Menschen... die göttliche Heilsbotschaft kennen lernen und aufnehmen... In den kirchlichen Gemeinschaften ist ihre Tätigkeit so notwendig, dass das Apostolat der Seelsorger ohne sie meistens nicht zur vollen Wirkung gelangen kann." (KKK 900)


continue >>

Christmas Solemn Liturgy at Maria Lourdes Church, Meidling, 15:00 hrs.

  • Feast of Jesus' Birth, Procession followed by Solemn Sung High Mass beginning at 15:00 hrs. on 25th Dec.

    • Main Celebrant: Rev. P. Wilson Mecheril MCBS

  • Christmas Sermon:

    • by Rev. P. George Vadakkekara, VC


  • On 24th Dec. Syro Malankara Holy Mass at 19:00 hrs in Pfarre Breitenfeld

Happy Birthday to our Asst. Chaplain Rev. P. Joy Plathottathil, Vienna, 18.12.2016


Now is the time to update your family registration details as we are releasing a Family Register in 2010 for which we require the most up-to-date information of all registered members.  Therefore all members are requested to fill up the following form and send before the end of March 2010 preferably by online

The Form can be filled electronically and submitted via email:


If you would like to give personally please contact Mr. Jose Olimalayil in Meidling and Mr. Steephen Chevookaran in Stadlau


All registered members are obliged to submit this form as we have incorporated additional data fields in the new format

  Family Registration Form >>

MCC releases Parish Bulletin on the last Sunday of every month

The first bulletin was released yesterday (28.05.2006) providing informations about ICC programmes and events for the month of June.  Apart from our website we take effort to reach each and every member of our community to get informed our programmes and activites.
  bulletin (pdf) >>





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Family Registration List (416)


The Malayalee Catholic Community Vienna offers Marriage Preparation Course for three days in the last weeks of February and November every year. Besides, this Course can be done also in July and August on personal request of at least two candidates who live outside Austria. That must be arranged personally with the Chaplain of the Indian Catholic Community, P. Dr. Thomas Thandappilly CST, Tel. Nr. 0043 1 817 42 06 or Mobile 0043 6991 19 66 771. The course is approved by the Syro Malabar Church and thereby acceptable for Catholic Sacramental Marriages in other Rites. Course Fee is Euro 50,- Accommodation must be arranged personally with any trustworthy Malayalee Catholic Family in Vienna or in Hotels.

Hearty Welcome

 ICC Chaplain Vienna





19 February

12 March

14. May

04. June

10. September

08. October

12. November

03. December


26. February

19 March

21. May

11. June

17. September

15. October

19. November

17. December



  Part 1 >>  |  Part 2 >>



On the occasion of the Prayer Year, all Registered Families of the ICC are welcome to arrange a Priestly Prayer of Blessing of their homes.

Those who wish to do so, may kindly contact the ICC Chaplain, who will be available from Monday to Friday, between 9 AM and 6 PM. Contact Number: 01 817 42 06. Or Mobile 06991 19 66 771




Sunday 28th May 2017


Sunday 28th May 2017


Thursday 15th June 2017


Sunday 18th June 2017



Our daily Holy Masses especially Saturday Masses except Sundays are offered for special (private) intentions / requiem services.


Check the availability of your desired dates for advance booking


Family registrations will be accepted without time limit for those who haven't registered with ICC before 31st. Jan. 2006.  Kindly note, members who need any ecclesial document from our Parish must be registered minimum 30 days prior to the time of applying.  This is strictly applicable to each and every members of our Parish and no exceptions are allowed.

Download Registration Form >>


Would you like to be informed ICC events and activities via email ?


Click here to register your email id


Interested children between the age group of 9 and 14 may join for the altar service.  The parents are requested to enter the children's name in the list which will be given in the beginning of the year.



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